Prepend column header names

Is there a way to prepend a value to all column headers? For example, if the dimension in a table is “date”, rename all the dimensions in that table with a value you enter. So if I typed in “test” all the column header would be “” and similar for all other columns in the table. This is especially handy when merging tables.

Hi rschultz_st,
My first thought would be something along these lines:

  • create a parameter holding your prefix (or prefixes if there’s multiple)
  • derive a new table from the given base dataset, of which you want to relabel the columns
  • use the ‘list metadata’ action, then the ‘Calculate new column’ with the formula as depicted
  • derive a new table (again) from the given base dataset; then use the ‘Rename via lookup’ action to map the old labels to the new ones.

That worked, thanks! Although it would be nice if there was simple tool for it :slight_smile: – I’ll add to feature requests if not there already.