Powershell error while iterating with EasyMorph Server


i´ve got an issue with EasyMorph Server while iterating a Powershell Transformation.

The desktop version runs successfull with this Powershell transformation. Is it a problem with the windows version 32Bit or 64BIt?


It’s hard to say what exactly caused this problem, but EasyMorph Server should be run on 64-bit Windows, and for using the PowerShell action, PowerShell ver.3 (or later) must be installed. Can you confirm that the computer on which you’re running EasyMorph Server satisfies these requirements but the problem still persists?

My PowerShell Vers. is 5 and the problem still persist. Do you have any clou where the issue is or should i ask my IT for a solution? Maybe it is a problem with our security settings for the server or the network environment? Or PowerShell actions are disabled for the Server through our IT?


When you type “powershell” in the Windows’ Start menu does it show both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of PowerShell installed? The 32-bit version has “(x86)” appended to app name.

A 64-bit version should be installed for EasyMorph to work.

We have both versions installed.

Good, thank you. Can you please send your PowerShell script (or entire project) to support@easymorph.com.

I´ve send it to support@easymorph.com.