PowerBI export multiple tables... table not found issue

Hi there,

Newbie on easymorph (very nice tool), I need to export data to PowerBI. I added tables from my postgresql database, and linked this table with a “keep matching” action. Finally I added an “export to power bi” action on each table… but that work only for the first table.

With the others, I have a table not found…

How to export all related table to powerbi on the same dataset ?


Hi Jerome and welcome to the Community!

Currently, the “Export to Power BI” action in EasyMorph can only create a Power BI dataset with one table. Putting multiple tables in one dataset is not supported. Possible workarounds are:

  1. Merge tables in EasyMorph into one (denormalized) table, then export the table into a Power BI dataset.

  2. Alternatively, export multiple tables into multiple Power BI datasets (one table per dataset), then link the datasets in a Power BI model (I suppose it should be possible but I didn’t try it myself).

Hi dmitri,

I support I can a create a dataset with all tables in powerbi desktop and using EasyMorph to populate the data. Correct ?

In case I use your second solution, are you sure, I’m not loose the join between tables ?

Alternatively, do you think to support the “multiple tables in one dataset” in next release ? Do you plan to realise this feature quickly ?

There are multiple types of datasets in Power BI. EasyMorph creates so called push-datasets (they can be created and updated via the Power BI API). Push-datasets are different from regular datasets (that link to a data source). I’m not sure if Power BI Desktop can create push datasets. I don’t think so, but I might be wrong.

That’s a good question. I don’t know, I didn’t try it.

The limitation is not in EasyMorph. The Power BI API provided by Microsoft is lacking this ability. Maybe, one day they will finally enable it, but for now it’s not possible.

In your case, I would recommend going with the 1st approach - pre-merging data in EasyMorph into a single table. If the resulting table would be too large for that, you can design a regular dataset in Power BI that links to your database tables (they should be accessible from Power BI). Then, in EasyMorph, you can update the database tables and trigger dataset refreshes using the “Power BI Command” action.