PostgreSQL Problems with automatic mapping Dateformat yyyyMMdd


my date-column comes in asccii-File like this: 20200414 (yyyyMMdd) and should be written to PG-Database by automatic mapping.

Unfortunally Easymorph don’t write anything to the database and throws no error message (the field is empty).

Inserting the value manually to database works with (eg. value 20200414)

Converting the column by “convert datatype” Text to date (yyyyMMdd) also don’t works.

Specifically with date/datetime format i verry often have these Problems.

Is there a “best way/bestpractice” to convert datetime colums (so that the values are written or getting error messages at least)?



Hi Adrian,

If order to get an error instead of empty values a target table you have to switch the “When value doesn’t match column type” option to “Fail batch”.

As for date conversion - can you please check that all the dates are stored as numbers and not as text after the “Convert datatype” action. One of the ways to do that is to right click on the column’s header, choose “Filter/Profile” and then switch to the “Profile” tab. “Text count” metric should be empty and “Number count” should be equal to the number of rows (if that column has not empty values).

Also which type does your target field have?

Hi Andrew, thanks, i’ll try this