Portability of easyMorph files to other systems

Is there a way to use ETL-processes defined in EasyMoprh in other ETLsoftwares?
What is the code used behind the scenes to do al the transformations and can this be transfered to other software ?

EasyMorph doesn’t rely on an external database or Java. It uses its own NoSQL in-memory engine for transformations. This approach has pros and cons. The pros are the flexibility due to the absence of the restrictions of relational algebra, lightweightness, absence of software dependencies, the ability to mix various data types in one column, data lineage tracking, and some more.

The cons is the proprietary format of transformation definitions. Since transformations are described using XML (.morph files are XML), it is theoretically possible to extract the transformation logic from a .morph file and somehow generate SQL from it. But it would be a non-trivial task and there are no standard means for solving it. Also many transformations in EasyMorph are non-relational (e.g. Fill Right), i.e. they can’t be reproduced using SQL.

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