Pivot Columns in Order


i would like to pivot the data according to order.
So RowNo 1 = Column1, RowNo 2= Column 2 …
At the moment the columns are unsorted. It is not clear to me which order is used.
Is that possible?

Wasn’t there something like aggregate, groups … don’t know at the Moment, how it works :relaxed:

pivot_in_order.morph (2.2 KB) data.dset (526 Bytes)


Hey Rebmanna,

Check this out:

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Hi Roberto,

thank you for your answer, unfortunately I didn’t get it that way.
But the “alphabetical order” was a good comment :+1:

I solved it with Rename with lookup. Thanks again


That’s it :slightly_smiling_face:

Great! Hadn’t thought about that way of doing it!