Overwrite TDE while it's used in Tableau 9.3.3

It seems like it is not possible to overwrite a TDE while it is used in Tableau Client.
Is that somehow solvable without closing Tableau reload and run project and start Tableau again?

I’m not aware of any solution to it. It may be a good idea to ask this question on Tableau Community.

Alternatively, set up and use a database instead of a TDE. Exporting to a database is as simple as exporting to a TDE in EasyMorph, but it won’t be locked.

good idea, however I am applying some transformations that make my data set pretty huge and a TDE has good performance hasn’t it?

TDEs have better performance than remote databases because they are 1) columnar and 2) stored locally (which eliminates network traffic overhead). When compared to a local database the performance difference should be less significant if any at all. After all, database engines are much more optimized and sophisticated that the TDE driver.

How big is your data set?

~1600 rows, I just noticed its not that huge as assumed, so I can disregard that.

Let’s see if I will switch to a DB =)