Output table as Launcher?

is it possible to have a quick output table similar to the launcher “Show result table” function ?


Hi Leonardo,

it’s not possible yet (we will add a similar option in the future).

However, you can achieve a similar result using Desktop Launcher:

  1. Add to the Server task a “Export to dataset” action that would write the output table into a .dset file on Server.

  2. Create and place on your desktop computer a small project with 3 actions that do the following:

    • Trigger the Server task using the “EasyMorph Server Command” action. When finished the task will now produce a .dset file.
    • Download the .dset file from the Server to your desktop using again “EasyMorph Server Action” but with the “Download file” command.
    • Load the .dset file into a table in the small project and set it as a default result table.
  3. Run the small project in the Launcher – now you can see the result table of the Server task right in the Launcher. That can work even in the free edition.

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One more suggestion – you can set up the Server task so that it prompts for an email address as a parameter on task start, and then sends the resulting table by email to the specified recipient.