One file to another file data morphing

I have file x and I want the data from file x to be moved to some sheet in File Y.
Can you help me on this please.

Can you be more specific please? Is file Y already existing or not? What’s the format of file X?

Hi @dgudkov, both the files are already available.
Data in File X should be copied to File Y which would be used further.

EX: Data in File x

Merchantname : Param
Merchantcity: Bangalore
This above data should get copied to the File Y.

You can import data from file X, and then export it into spredsheet Y using the “Export to Excel” action which has the “Replace sheet” mode. In this mode EasyMorph replaces a sheet in an existing spreadsheet.

Thanks @dgudkov, But I want some of the fields/ data from sheet Y to be kept as it is. So if there is anyother mode/ action is available can you let me know.

You can read data from sheet Y, merge it with X as you need, then write it back to Y using the action I mentioned above. Note that formatting won’t be preserved, the entire sheet Y will be replaced.