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NULL Numeric Fields Converted To 0



Is there a way stop a NULL numeric value i.e. NULL int from automatically being converted to a 0 upon initial table import?

I have a table from a database with a mixture of NULL and 0 values in a column and this could cause a reporting mismatch..

Many thanks,



Hi Daniel,

Which database do you use to import data from? And which type of driver\connector? ODBC or "native"?




Hi Andrew,

This is coming from an MSSQL instance. The connector that is being used is the default so, it will be native / OLEDB??




Thanks, Daniel.

We will investigate this issue and get back to you.


Daniel, we tested mixture of NULL and 0 values with several numeric column types on SQL Server 2012 and we haven't been able to reproduce the issue.

Can you please tell us which version of SQL Server you are using and what column type is affected by this issue?




Hi Andrew,

I cannot seem to replicate the issue any more.

Apologies, and thanks for looking into it!



No problem, Daniel

Have a good one.