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New action : explicit confirmation


I don’t think it exists so I post it here : why not a new action that stops the following actions and requests a confirmation from user. You could name it “Wait User Action” or something like that ? There is already a wait action that waits a few seconds. Here it’s just waiting user to click on run action. If you have for example a sensitive job and you want to run things only after checks, it’s good to have this kind of thing.

That’s an interesting suggestion. What do you think should happen if a project with this action is run on schedule in Launcher or on Server?

That’s an interesting answer ! 3 “hard” ways to answer :

  • You block tasks using this kind of project
  • It infinitely wait, well not such a good solution, but logic
  • It goes through without waiting
    It could be an option in the action properties like “What is the behaviour during automatic run ?” fail, don’t wait …
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