Multifile load with dynamic row skips

Is there anyway to tell EasyMorph - in a MultiFile load, or something similar - to delete empty rows before the file is imported.

I know you can “skip the first X” lines when you define the load - but that requires all the files that are loaded to have the same number of empty rows at the top.

Is there a way, before the import, to skip the empty rows.

The reason I want to do this is that file 1 has 2 empty rows, and then a set of headers. But file 2 has 3 empty rows, and then the same set of headers.

I can’t find anyway to make a multifile import that gets the headers aligned.

Not possible at this moment.

I would suggest importing everything as is without delimiters. Then filter out empty rows (and rows with headers) in EasyMorph and use the “Split delimited text into columns” action to parse data.

Im not sure if that would have solved my problem. The issue was that the same data fields, with the same headers, were loaded in different orders. So I am not sure how it would help to gather every row into one cell, separated by commas, to then split them out again. But perhaps I cant see what you can see.

So I ended up with a solution - First, brings all the files - there are hundreds - into a process (load, without headers) whereby I trim the top X rows via a condition (e.g. the first three columns must have a value, above which, delete). And then exported the files out again (without writing headers).

With a few additional housekeeping points, it worked.

I love easymorph.

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