Merge tables creating dupe columns

I have three files. One has ID|City|State. The other two have ID|Address|Zip. I’m attempting to lookup on ID and pull in the Address and Zip field.

The first table works fine. However, when I merge the second table, instead of pulling the address and zip into the existing columns, two new columns are created “Address2” and “Zip2”.

This feels like it should be really simple, but I’m stumped.


Hi Amber and welcome to the Community!

The correct workflow depends on what you want to achieve. If an ID has two different addresses in the two tables, how it should be resolved - both address should be kept, or only one (which one?) of the addresses should be kept and the other one ignored?

Hi, thanks for the welcome!

There will not be any overlap between the IDs in the second two files.

In this case, you can just append using the “Append” action the two tables with ID|Address|Zip before merging. So you will have 1 Append and 1 Merge.