Managing repository files


We had a recent discussion in our company on managing connectors for our different users.
Apparently it would be a good idea to have 1 repository file per user that the user keeps on his/her workspace.

However, it should be possible for an administrator to change all these repository files when for instance a new connector should become available for multiple users.

Is there a way to achieve such a setup maybe via a workaround ?
What’s your suggested way of managing the repository files if for instance even users for the same space may not use all available connectors for the space?

Kind regards !

If you want the administrator to manage the user repositories than he/she should keep a copy of all user repositories, update them when necessary, and then deliver updated repositories to the users. Such delivering can be done in any way you like – by email, or copying a file to a network folder, or SFTP/SCP, or by making users run a project with the “EasyMorph Server Command” action to fetch the repository file.