Managing Easymorph Projects

I have many Easymorph projects on my machine to do a lot of different tasks. Some are standalone Easymorph projects while others are Easymorph projects looping other Easymorph projects and so on. Sometimes I find it hard to manage where all these Easymorph files are, what they do, and how they are related to each other. (Parent-Chile relationship between Easymorph projects).
Would it be possible to have some kind of a interface (Easymorph Project manager) where you can see all the Easymorph projects, group them and managed them based on their workflow etc?



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Interesting suggestion. Maybe it would make sense to put it into a wider context that includes also tracking what project created what file, or is using what file/database as a data source.

As an idea – EasyMorph projects are xml files. It would be possible to write an EasyMorph project to scan a root directory (assuming the projects aren’t scattered all over), iterate each one with a PowerShell command to parse out the XML and return some meaningful metadata back to EasyMorph.


no need even to use powershell – EasyMorph can import XML files with “Import from XML” transformation. The problem here is that it could be multiple levels of nested calls or iterations, and EasyMorph doesn’t do recursion. But if we assume that it’s not greater than say 5, then it should be doable.