Loading multiple uniform files


When I select “load multiple uniform files” in the import Excel spreadsheet action, it’s only importing the first out of three results of my search. I’m using the latest software version and all of the three files are formatted the same, have the same columns, and are the same extension type (.xlsx). What am I doing wrong? I would like to load all three files appended, which has worked for me before using the .csv version of the action.

Thank you!

What EasyMorph Version are you using? It can be found in menu About, press Diagnostic Information.

EasyMorph version: (4f26cb, ‘Release’)

Hi @Yu-Gi-Oh_rulez,

Is it possible for you to share those Excel files with is? If yes - please send them to our support email.

I figured it out. It was importing hundreds of blank rows that made it look like the next files weren’t importing. Thanks!