Loading excel file with specific sheet

In Easymorph it's possible to make lists of Excel files, and also make a list of the worksheets within an Excel file.
Is it also possible to load this list of worksheets all at once, without having to select them manually (with the 'Import Excel Spreadsheet' step)?
So basically, I want to be able to dynamically load all worksheets in an Excel file.

There is no way to create all worksheets with a single action.

But you can list all the worksheets in an Excel file and then use the "Iterate" action and a submodule to load all the sheets one by one.

But how can I open a specific worksheet with a parameter?
If I look at the 'Import Excel Worksheet' action, I cannot parameterize the worksheet name, isn't it?
I can only parameterize the Excel file.

You can specify a worksheet with a parameter by switching the source option to the "Worksheet/range defined by parameter".

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ah off course, how could I have missed that option :slight_smile: thanks!