Loading data to database hangs.....nothing loads


I have a weird issue that I have not been able to solve. I have 2 VPS with different hosting companies. When I set up the MySQL remote connection thru Easymorph, I can successfully connect to both.

Goal: Load data/table to a database in the VPS.
Issue: Even though I can connect to both, I’m only successful loading the data to 1 VPS. The other one just shows “Still Running…” but nothing loads. I don’t see any data being loaded. What is interesting is that I use the database command to create a table and it does, but when it comes time to load the actual data, nothing seems to happen.

On the server that loads, I can see the data being uploaded live as I refresh the table in phpmyadmin but on the other one, even though I follow the exact same steps, nothing loads.

Could there be a security feature/issue in one VPS impeding the data from loading?



Hi Alex and welcome to the Community forum,

does exporting to the 2nd VPS work if you use not EasyMorph some other DB management utility?

You may also want to check if the database user account used on VPS #2 has the INSERT permission.

Hi dgudkov,

Thanks for your quick reply! Which other DB management tool utility do you recommend? I’m using Easymoprh because its easy to use but I’m not familiar with another user friendly tool.

If I can create a table on the VPS using Easymorph, shouldn’t that mean the INSERT permission is enabled? If not, let me reach out to the hosting company to ask.

Also, I noticed that the VPS that works with Easymorph smoothly has a MYSQL Server Type whereas the one that does not work has a MariaDB server type. Could that be the reason for the issue?


I personally don’t work with databases, so maybe someone else can recommend something.

It only means that the CREATE permission is surely set, but the INSERT permission may still be unavailable.

MariaDB is intended to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, so MySQL drivers should work with it natively. However we didn’t test EasyMorph with MariaDB and MariaDB is not officially supported by EasyMorph yet.