Load complicated TXT-File to EasyMorph

Dear Dmitry,

hope that it would be OK to ask for “concrete” help on load a “nasty” TXT-File into EasyMorph:
IBAN-Definitions.txt (49.8 KB)

Whats “nasty” about it:

  1. File is a plain text file (configuration file of a software we use); not really character seperated; not really a fixed length file.

  2. The file starts with at least 4 lines of comments, URL, etc. (not quite difficult as there are settings to ignore first lines).

  3. Throughout the file it has different “headlines” like “#GERMANY” (these could be ignored).

Resulting table should look like (columns):

countryCode domesticCodeLength domesticBankAccountNumberStart domesticBankAccountNumberLength bankCodeStart bankCodeLength accountNumberStart accountNumberLength domesticAccountCutZeros bankCodeCutZeros accountCutZeros

Best regards,

Hello Patrick,

it’s surely doable, just give me a couple days.

Just tried to solve it (as a personal training :wink: ) . Is that what you wanted to do?
IBAN-Definitions.morph (7.2 KB) IBAN-Definitions.txt (49.8 KB)


Dear @Jochen_Marquardt,

works great. :clap:

Thank you very much! :+1:

Best regards,

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