License linked to server?


We are thinking about building an Easymorph server. But our employees have multiple working station due to remote working. We can’t afford one license per computer it multiply the cost by 2.

Is there any linked lincense to server avaible ? So the server check the license directly and multiple installations are possible but one use at a time for one license.


Hello Thomas,

A user license is linked to a Windows account, not to a specific machine. So if a user keeps using the same Windows account s/he can use any computer.

We are using personnal computers and VPN, so the windows account is différent on the machine :frowning:

Is it possible to have a commercial contact to discuss on easymorph server deployement ? In French if possible, if not i’ll try my best English ;D

Best regards.

Please contact me at My French is for sure worse than your English :slight_smile: You can write in French but I can only reply in English.