Launcher doesn't start

Hi Dmitry,

I just installed the latest version, but now the launcher doesn’t work anymore.

After that message, the launcher opens but as free edition.

Hi Jochen,

Can you please send the following files from the Launcher config folder to our support email?

By default that folder is located at C:\Users<username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Launcher
and the required files are:

EasyMorph Launcher.config.xml


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Done. You’ve got mail.

Thanks in advance.

Jochen, thank you for the files.

Please shut down Launcher, open you EasyMorph Launcher.config.xml file and change <FindActionsWindowColumnWidths>-2147483648;200;200;300</FindActionsWindowColumnWidths>
(you can specify any width instead of 400)

This should fix the error on your side.

And we will make some changed from our side in order this error not to occur again.

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Perfect. Everything is working fine again. :+1:

Jochen, the bug has been fixed.

Please get the updated version from our download page:

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