Large Snowflake Cache Files Not Being Deleted on Server

Our EM Server ran out of disk space a couple of times due to massive temp/cache files being stored in the following directory:

  • C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Local\Temp\snowflakeTmp_LOCAL SERVICE

Due to the “out of disk space” error, several scheduled tasks failed repeatedly.

Is there a config needed on EM Server to remove temp/cache files created by connectors?
Temporarily, I’m using a File Command task to Clean the folder daily, but that shouldn’t be necessary.

Any guidance you can give me here would be appreciated!

I assume that you are using the ODBC connector.

The snowflakeTmp_LOCAL SERVICE folder and files in that folder are created by the Snowflake ODBC driver. Normally, the temp files are deleted by the ODBC driver when the export is completed.

It seems that in your case something prevents those files from being deleted by the ODBC driver. Can you please check that the Windows account that is used by the EasyMorph Server service or/and workers have permission to delete files from that folder? Another possible reason for files not being deleted is anti-virus or similar software.

Also, I would suggest updating the Snowflake ODBC driver to the latest version.

@andrew.rybka Yes, using the ODBC connector as it’s required for larger recordsets.

I believe the issue may be due to the Tracing value of the connector configuration. For some reason, we had it set to 4 instead of blank or 0. I’ve updated the connector and will monitor over this week to see if I see the temporary files as before.