Iteration project only takes 4763 rows (~ 1,200 KB)


I am trying to iterate through a list of similar files where the project performs a filter by condition, column rename, column remove, and export into UTF-8 .CSV file. However, whenever the main iteration project about half the files only capture 4763 rows exactly and no more. The files are in a dropbox folder but saved locally. I have tried several remedies such as enabling editing and re-saving all files, disabling trust settings, and running different projects. All with the same result. No errors were reported and I have even selected “halt project” when an error occurs during the iterations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Further, file size seems to not exceed 1,200 KB when error occurs


what’s the format of the input files? Can you send one of those that’s only loaded as 4763 rows to our support email?

Format is .xlsx, another one of my projects also has a similar error but only imports 9 rows as well. working on sending you both now.