Issue after EasyMorph Server Update

Dear Dmitry,

we´ve updated the Server with the newest version from your website (see attached file). After installing the upadte we´ve got the following errors by starting the service:

08.11.2018 09:57:57 000001 INFO =====================Post installer============================
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000002 INFO ================08.11.2018 09:57:57====================
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000003 INFO passed parameters:
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000004 INFO map
[("–installpath", "C:\Program Files\EasyMorph Server");
("–startservice", "")]
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000005 INFO trying to start service EasyMorph Server
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000006 ERROR Unable to start service EasyMorph Server: Der Dienst EasyMorphServer kann nicht auf dem Computer . gestartet werden.
08.11.2018 09:57:57 000007 INFO Some error occurred. Copying log file to desktop and open it

Do you have an idea what happend respectively why we can´t start the server?