Install folder and licensing

I have noticed that easymorph can just be copied to a directory without the need to be installed and it seems to work.
It does not have to be in a user folder, i could put it in program files for example.

So how licenses are working ? If someone buys a licence, could there be a risk that anyone could use easymorph using this licence ? Or easymorph detects the user connected and associate the licence to the user ?

EasyMorph can be installed into other than default folder, but keep in mind that application settings (recent projects list, etc.) are still stored in the user folder, even if application is installed into some other folder.

The recommended installation for multiple users is to install EasyMorphfor each user, rather than have a shared installation.

Yes, licenses are linked to Windows accounts.

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I need to know the proper way to move our EasyMorph product from the current computer to another. We have a person who is taking over this role, the previous (current) staff will not need to use EasyMorph in any capacity and EasyMorph will be removed from that computer.

Here you go:

  1. Install EasyMorph on the new computer.
  2. Get the signature of the new installation and send it together with the old signature to our support in order to replace the old signature with the new one in your license key.
  3. Install the updated license key in the new computer.
  4. Move the shared repository of connectors from the old computer to the new computer.
  5. Move files and folders with EasyMorph projects and data files from the old computer to the new computer.

I have difficulties to understand your answer. I read that one license is attached to one windows user, whatever the computer. Does your answer mean that however, when a windows user changes his computer, he still has to contact you to “update” his licence ?

No, he does not. My answer assumed that one user stops using the license, and another user replaces him/her as you indicated in your original message:

Did I misunderstand you?

That’s me who did misunderstand the first question of “CVMorse”. Sorry, now it’s clear to me !