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Improving publish to server

Hello everyone,

I just installed EM Server and I would like to suggest a EM Desktop feature to quicken the release part:

today, the “Publish to server” button only save the .morph file on the server directory, I think it would be great if from here we can even schedule it on the server and make a checkbox to force the delete of the original .morph file.

In that way, when I want to release the project, in one click I:

  • save the .morph file on the server;
  • schedule it on the server (not in the Launcher, but in the Web server);
  • allow the user to force the delete of the original .morph (in that way the official source is on the server);

Hi Andrea,

when you publish a project to Server, and that project is already used (referenced) in a Sever task, the task will automatically use the updated project. The previous version of the project isn’t preserved and is replaced by the latest version, after an explicit confirmation during publishing.

So updating existing tasks with a new project already works.

Creating new tasks is indeed not possible yet. Note taken on that.

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