Importing unknown data type

I am trying to import from Postgres database and a number of numeric fields show as:

#The field ‘SellAmount’ has a type currently unknown to Npgsql (OID 19029). You can retrieve it as a string by marking it as unknown, please see the FAQ.

  1. I cannot find the FAQ it is referring to?
  2. How do I retrieve those fields as strings?

Here is the FAQ:

The workaround here is to unselect columns with unsupported data types and add expression for each of those columns. Expression should just cast corresponding column to a suitable numeric or string data type.

Cast expression in PostgreSQL:

CAST ( expression AS type )

Sounds simple…but above my pay grade

I don’t know what “add an expression…” means

Here is a simple query where “SellAmount” has an unknown type.
FROM “ip”.“Transactions”

How do I cast “SellAmount” as text (or preferable a numeric type)?

This works from FlySpeed query, but not Easymorph

Cast(“SellAmount” AS numeric)
FROM “ip”.“Transactions”
LIMIT 1000

What error does that query give you in EasyMorph?

As for expressions. Expressions editor is displayed with the “Show expressions” checkbox in the left bottom corner of the Query builder window. Checked expressions are added to the SELECT clause of a query. Also, you can add conditions on expression results and aggregate them. The only limitation is that sorting by an expression is not supported.

Here is an example:

Syntax error.

Thanks - that makes it easy!

Were you able to make it work?

If no - please send a screenshot of the error.