Import from Web API throwing 403 Error

I’m currently working to add a Web API to the Connector Manager. When I click the test button, I’m a 403 error is being displayed.

I’ve added in a User-Agent as well as checking the pre-authenticate each request. Also prior to building out the connector I made sure the authentication and endpoint were working via postman.

Any thoughts on what to troubleshoot next would be helpful.


Hi Bryan,

The only difference between Postman and EasyMorph is that EasyMorph doesn’t send User-Agent by default (but will do it starting from v5.4.1).

Can you please post screenshots of your working request configuration in Postman and the properties of the Web Request action in EasyMorph? Black out sensitive information, if necessary.

I finally got it!

Looks like the request wasn’t going over HTTPS by default. As soon as I added the https:// in it connected.

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