How to move selected columns down?

Hello, dears
Is it possible to choose some columns and move them down to first empty line on the bottom?
for example I have filled column of Banners in A column and months in B, C, D columns. I need to duplicate Banners below and move February under January, then again duplicate Banners and move March under Feb. Is it possible for EasyMorph?

Thank you in advance

Hi @Ulyana_Levitskaya and welcome to the Community!

It’s not exactly clear from your description what needs to be done. Do you mind posting a screenshot or an Excel spreadsheet with some example?

Hi, Dmitry)
thank you for answer, hope additional data will be useful and you could help me

Book1.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Hi @Ulyana_Levitskaya,

A possible solution is to import the table twice, remove/rename columns in the second table as necessary, and attach it to the first table.

Please see the attached project:
Project.morph (3.4 KB)

Thank you!