How to empty copied data in input action?

How can I empty the pasted data in the input action so that I can test if the call module action correctly transfers the dataset to the input action in the sub module ?

A few possible ways:

  • Save and re-open the project.
  • Delete and re-insert the input action
  • Add another “Input” just before the 1st “Input”. Disable the 1st “Input”.
  • Finally, my favorite - add a sandbox and then insert the “Either table” action referencing the sandbox after “Input”. Enable/disable “Either table”. Paste another dataset into “Sandbox” to test with a different dataset.

Is it normal that when I call the project that has the input action, the dataset is not shown in the input action ?

It would be nice if this should be shown so that we can work on the data and not have to paste in sample data ? Maybe I am using it in a wrong way ?

Yes, it’s normal. What you see in a module that has an “Input” action shouldn’t change when you run another module. Running a module should be an isolated operation. After all, the module can be called with different parameters and input datasets in different actions throughout the project.

With the introduction of modules the need for a more convenient way to populate “Input” datasets with test data has become more prominent. We are aware of this and thinking about possible ways to address it.

Thanks !