Group columns into one column


I would like to do the exact opposite of function “split delimited text into columns”.
I don’t know in advance neither number of columns nor name of columns.

Data must be in same order than columns.

Sample data:

Desired result:

I’m trying to build an SQL query that allows me to insert data types that are not supported by EasyMorph’s insert functions.
The whole query is ready and there is only the list of values to insert, but I cannot create this list of values without knowing the columns (number and names) before.

I could export everything to an excel file and retrieve data from one formula but it will take too long to process and there is no reason to do some of processing outside of EasyMorph.

Do you have an idea ?


The “Aggregate” action allows concatenating row values within a group. To make rows from columns, unpivot the table. Row numbers in this case will serve as group IDs.

See example below:
concatenate-columns.morph (3.1 KB)


Awesome simplicity.
I had tried using unpivot but couldn’t see how to unravel data.