Google Sheet Appending

I am trying to append an imported file from Easymorph into an existing Google Sheet file.
So my google sheet is like this
Name Date Amount
Foo 20190101 111
Bar 20190101 222
Foo 20190201 1111
Bar 20190201 2222

My easymorph project is creating
Foo 20190301 3333
Bar 20190301 3333

I am trying to append the easymorph data(the two 20190301) rows at the end of the existing google sheet document.(after the 20190201) records.

How can I do this??

Hi Jeff and welcome to the community!

“Export Google Sheets” action can’t append data to an existing sheet.

If your target sheet doesn’t have named ranges, formatting, formulas, etc., you can try to import all the data from that sheet, merge imported data with new rows in EasyMorph and export merged data to the target sheet. “Export Google Sheets” action in “Select existing” mode just replaces existing sheet with a new one which contains all the exported data.