Filter date by parameter - Query Editor


I am building a query in the query editor and I want to filter it by a date value inserted by the user through a parameter.

In the query editor, the date field is automatically assumed as DateTime type. How can I define a date parameter that is compatible with the datatype of the field? I want to filter directly in the query editor, I don’t want to use another action.

Thank you.

Hi @JPC,

If dates in your database DateTime column always have zero time, you can just use a parameter of a Date type:


If you want to match database values to an exact date and time, you can use a “Text or number” parameter with a value in one of the following formats:

  • text in the format, required by your database (for example 2019-04-04 05:32:00.449, without quotes). Please have in mind that the time part should be truncated to 3 fractional seconds.
  • a number in the format which is used internally by EasyMorph to represent DateTime values.