Filter by condition on dates

I want to filter my data with the “Filter by Condition” action . The condition uses a set of fields, among them a date.

For example : in([Field1], ‘value1;value2;value3’ , ‘;’) and in ([Field2], ‘value4;value5;value6’ , ‘;’) , where Field 1 is a date.

To filter this, the data of value1, value2 and value3 should be in number format (the number of days since 1/1/1900) . But it is not intuitive for the user, to see which dates are being filtered. How can I apply the same filter, with the Filter By Condition action, by inserting a more explicit date?

Thank you!

Hello @sousas,

You can define dates as #2019-04-12 in EasyMorph expressions.

Dates in that format may be used in the in() and similar functions like this:

in([Field1], #2017-05-02 & ‘;’ & #2018-10-02 & ‘;’ & #2019-01-25, ‘;’)


Thank you! Very useful!