Fetching emails


I am trying to download a csv attachment using the fetch email action from easymorph. My goal is to automatically download two csv´s sent by oracle and then join them.

I am having two problems with this.

First, the fetch email action is finding the email, but isn’t dowloading the csv. I don’t know why this happens. Since each email has only one csv attached, I have the “Save all attachments from all messages into one folder” options selected, and also Fetch attachments.
I assumed this meant the attachments would be downloaded, but the path I specified remains empty after running the action.

My second issue is regarding using easymorph in a Virtual Machine, and making a connection to an email server. I haven’t been able to succesfully connect to an outlook account. I have selected the preset as outlook, but i get the error “unnable to connect to the remote server”. I have opened the ports of my virtual machine , but it remains unnable to connect. What should I do or try in this case?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Sebastian and welcome to the community!

So the dataset, produced by the Fetch email action, contains those emails?
If so - does the “Path to attachment” column contains some paths for those emails?
If it doesn’t contain any paths, is it possible for you to share those emails with us?

As for the second issue - can you please install Outlook client to that Virtual Machine and try to connect to your Outlook account from it? We would like to make sure that it’s not a network issue.

Hello Andrew, thanks!

Tha dataset contains the email i am looking for, but the Path to attachment column is empty.

Of course, how can I share the email? i cannot upload a .msg in here… it is a mail with a csv attachment.

Can you please forward it to our support email?

Done. I sent the email to support@easymorph.com