Fetch emails from Shared mailbox

Hello community,

In the last Easymorph update I believe there was support for shared mailboxes added but I am struggling to add a connector for the shared mailbox.

Can somebody guide me on how how to setup a connector for shared mailbox?


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Hello Vaibhav,

You should specify the address of the shared mailbox in the “Options” tab of the connector settings.

Like this:


Hi @andrew.rybka,

Thanks for the update and guidance!

I am not able to fetch the emails and sometimes send test emails as it comes with error - Failed to send test email - The autodiscover service could not be located.

What possible wrong am I doing?

Attaching screenshots for the configurations:

@vaibhavtandon87, the “Auto-detect server URL” option requires an Autodiscover service to be configured on your Exchange Server. And since your are using the “Use Windows credentials” option, it also requires your Active Directory (or a similar directory service) to be configured to handler Exchange autodiscover request correctly.

Were you able to use server URL and settings auto-detect in some other software on the same computer?

As a workaround, you can try to use explicit server URL and account credentials instead of the auto-detect option and Windows credentials.


I have configured my shared mailbox via OAuth and specified the shared mailbox in the Other account section. I am getting this error:

Error: The specified object was not found in the store., The process failed to get the correct properties.
Source: action “Fetch email”, table “Table 1”

Testing the mailbox is working fine and sending emails.

Any advice on how to resolve it?



Hi Shaheed,

The Test button only tests sending emails and doesn’t test fetching.

The most likely reason for this error is that the account that you used to authorize the connector doesn’t have full access to the shared mailbox. Can you please check the settings of the shared mailbox in question?

If you do have full access to the mailbox, can you please check that you are able to fetch messages from the same shared mailbox with the same credentials with some other software?

Thanks for the response. Don’t worry about it. I updated EM client and server to the latest version and it is now working.