Fetch Email from folder

Is there a specific format for specifying a folder when fetching an email from exchange?

I can fetch emails from the Inbox (either by selecting Inbox, or selecting Other Folder and typing Inbox), but any other folder and I get an error message "Cant find folder ".

I am only looking to retrieve emails from folders under the Inbox itself.

Hi Aaron,

If you are trying to fetch messages from a subfolder of the Inbox folder, the following format should work: Inbox/Folder name.

Hi Andrew

I am having the same issue.
My subfolder is Data_Temp

I tried: Inbox/Data_Temp, even renamed it to Data and tried Inbox/Data.

If I left the files in my inbox, I can pick it up.

I also tested the complete path:
\dd@ddd.com.au\Inbox\Data_Temp and

None is working - only Inbox.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Rykie,

What email service or server are you using?

I just tested it with Exchange 2016 and it worked correctly.

Are you sure that Data_Temp is a subfolder of the Inbox folder and not a top-level folder?
Can you please try to input “Data_Temp” as a folder name?

Hi Andrew

I use Email Server. I still cannot get a folder to work.

Data is a subfolder.
I tried: “Data_Temp” on folder name and when I fetch mail - other folder “Data_Temp”
Also tried: Inbox/Data_Temp and “Inbox/Data_Temp”

Also tried “Data_Temp” and fetch other folder Data_Temp - but no luck.

Any other suggestions?


Hi Rykie,

“Email Server” is the EasyMorph connector type? And what email server or service you are connecting to with that connector? Is it an internal server or some public service?

Also please try the following folder names:

  • INBOX/Data_Temp
  • Inbox.Data_Temp
  • INBOX.Data_Temp
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Thanks, Andrew.

The following is working:
INBOX.Data or Inbox.Data

It does not like the _ in Data_Temp.
So, INBOX.Data_Temp and Inbox.Data_Temp fails

The connector - I am using a public service - i.e. credentials what my website provider provided to me.

I can continue now.

Hi Andrew

Hope you are well.
I have a question on this topic please.

I use outlook for office 365. I have multiple accounts set up in the office 365 environment.
I tested the fetch emails with 1 account. I then build another connector for my gmail account.
I can send a test email from my connector and it works. I then copied my Data file from the 1 account where it works, to the folder structure in gmail. I cannot get my gmail connector to work. The error is:

The requested folder could not be found.

On my other account, this works: Inbox.Data (non gmail account)
Inbox.Data does not work in the google account. If I fetch it from Inbox (no folder) it works.

Any suggestions?


Folder structure:


Here [GmaiI]/Data works


Need it directly under Inbox:




None works

Hi @Rykie,

As far as I know, the Inbox folder can’t have subfolders in Gmail. At least you can’t add one from the Gmail web interface. Can you please try to specify just Data as the folder name for Gmail?

If that won’t work, please send me a screenshot of the folders structure of your account from the Gmail web interface.

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Thanks, Andrew

You are correct. Although it looks like you can create a folder using Outlook, it is a label.
If I create it from the web, the label appears under [Gmail], not my inbox. Furthermore, I can connect to it here by referring to the label only - ie Data not [Gmail].Data.
I must say, gmail is a bit confusing to me. Thanks for you help. I can proceed now.


I have another similar issue with my mailbox folders. I have folders with a “/” in the name. ex. Client1 - Replied/Sent.

Is there a way to mask the slash in the name or wrap the folder name in quotes?

@dgudkov Any solution regarding the “/” in the folder name?

Also, is it possible to paramaterize the folder names?

We will fix the issue with the slash in version 4.7.1 to be released in a couple of days.

It will also support a parameter for the “Other folder” field.

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You’re the best @dgudkov #EasyMorph

@dgudkov, I just tried the folder name parameter. It works great! However, I am not able to make the folder name with “/” work. Any suggestions on wrapping the folder name with “/”?

@aatash Now you should be able to escape the slash character with another slash character. Like this: Client1 - Replied//Sent

Thank you @andrew.rybka. I will try this.


Sorry to resurrect this topic. However, I can’t quite figure out how to get emails that are under a specific label in Gmail. When I specify fetch from inbox it works but when I put a folder name in, I get a message saying no addresses found.

I have put my folder in the following format Parent Folder/Subfolder

Any idea?



Hi Shaheed,

What EasyMorph version are you using?

Can you please post a screenshot of the action properties and the error message?