Exporting a file per customer

Data.xlsx (28.6 KB)

I’ve got a base with records per customer (see attachment)

  1. I would like to export a file per customer with a given name (e.g. Customer Name + Month(Today())
    What’s the best way to proceed?
  2. Bonus: is it possible to export to a different folder based on the customer name?

Thanks in advance

Hi Michel,

Check out example #2 in the examples on the tutorial article on iterations: https://easymorph.com/learn/iterations.html. The example does exactly that – it splits a dataset into several files.

You may need to append month to the export file name using an expression either in a column, or in a calculated parameter.

Yes, it’s possible use the file action “Create folder” before exporting into a file. This action can create a folder if it doesn’t exist, or do nothing if it does.


Perfect for point 1!
Bonus: For exporting to specific folder, I do not find the “Create folder” action…

Hi Michel,

“Create folder” is one of the modes of “File command” action.

Thanks Andrew,
It works fine.
But I’m unable to export in theses folders. The export of an Excel file with a parameter as a name, write the file in the same folder than the .morph file…

Michel, that parameter should contain both path to the folder (relative or absolute) and filename.

I assume that your subproject already has two parameters - for a filename and for a folder path.
I such case you just have to add a third parameter which will combine those two parameters together and then use it in Export to Excel action.