Export using parameters based on data in columns (iterations)


I’m aware I can use iterations to import data from multiple files - Is it possible in reverse? Can I have one table that will be split by StoreID via iterations, and then saved in a store-specific location?

I have a long list of data with multiple entries per storeID - I want to select all lines for 1 store, export to new file, select all lines for next store, export to new file …
Is this possible - and how?

Yes, it’s possible. There are many ways how to do it. I would use the “Iterate table” transformation. This transformation iterates another project, passes to it a set of parameters AND entire dataset from another table.

The iterated (child) project receives the table through the Input transformation. When designing the child project, the result of Input transformation is always empty (it gets populated only during actual iterations). So you will need to copy a few lines of table data from the master project and paste it into the Input of the child project in order to have some data for designing.

You can check the iteration example #5 here: http://easymorph.com/learn/iterations.html. Example #2 on the same page does the same thing using regular iterations, but in a less efficient way.

Finally, there is a “quick and (not so) dirty” way of splitting a table: export the table into a file, then call (run) another project that has the “Split delimited file” transformation. The latter splits a big text file into chunks without loading it in memory. In this case no iteration needed for splitting the table, however you may still need it for further processing.


You constantly make me cry … :rofl:

This solution is so simple and beautiful it hurts. THANK you so much for the swift guidance.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: