Error when running project with web request


I am running a project in which I use the iterate web request action. For some reason I get an error on the server:

11/22/2019 04:42:50 PM 000031 ERROR Task finished with wrong state Aborted.

I must say that I am using this action on a table with 700.000 records.
The weird thing is that the task is not colored in red when it raises the error.

What could be the cause of the error ?

I have tested on 50.000 records and then the task finishes successfully and I get the desired result.

Thanks !

Hi Nikolaas,

can you please send the server log to our support email. Thanks.

PS. Wow, 700K web requests! You really pushed it to the limit :slight_smile:

Hi Dmitry,

I have rerun the job and it completed successfully :slight_smile: . Maybe there was a connection issue at some point when I tried it the first time ?

Where can I find the logfile so that you can have a look at it to discover what went wrong in the first run?
Thanks !

It’s in C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph Server\Logs\Server log.

Most probably the web connection just timed out (700K requests that’s a lot), but we need to see the log to be sure.