[Error location is not set]: Agent process suddenly stopped

Is there way for a task to check how much memory this task used per execution?
We’ve had [Error location is not set]: Agent process suddenly stopped and none of our jobs are running after this error until IT resets our space account on easyMorph server.
Out IT department is saying it might be because of high memory usage.
We have no access to our server. What would be the best way for us to identify which job is using high memory?

Hi @bolud
It is currently impossible to detect memory consumption for a single task.
However, all tasks running when the agent (worker) process is terminated are marked as failed. You could try to find all these tasks in Journal and move them to different agents. So it will be more straightforward to identify a problem task when the agent fails.

Your admins also should check the Windows Event log for errors. The agent process was exited (terminated ) in the wrong way. It could be caused by the agent process crash (due to some conditions like low memory) or terminated externally.