Error connecting to MongoDB

When a scheduled task runs either on Server or Desktop via EM Launcher, I am getting the following within 2-5 min of the task starting:

ERROR [HY000] [MySQL][ODBC 1.4(w) Driver]Access denied for user 'xxxxxxxx'

The scheduled morph uses a MongoDB ODBC connection. I’m using v1.4.3 of the MongoDB ODBC 64-bit driver. If I run all the actions directly in Desktop manually I get no errors and the data all processes fine. It just won’t run via automation.

I have validated the following:

  1. DSN connection configured correctly and the connection test was successful.
  2. EM Connector is configured correctly and the connection test was successful.
  3. Add data action successfully queried the database and brought in data when done so manually via Desktop tool
  4. mongoRO db user was updated to have full access on the DB so not a read-only permission issue

Searches on multiple community forums mentioned to uninstall/reinstall the driver, append ?source=admin to the end of the username in the connector, and even add connection string parameters such as authSource, ssl, replicaSet, etc as custom properties in the connector config.

I have done all these variations of configurations and none have allowed a scheduled task to run.

EM Connector Successful Test
EM Add Data Successful Query pull