Embedded connection - search for type email server

Hi Dmitry

Is is possible to search Easymorph files for a type email server?

I have a few EasyMorph files and used email server in some of them.
So instead of opening each file, how could I find only the Easymorph files with type email server.


Hi Rykie,

yes, it’s possible. EasyMorph projects are regular XML files. So you can use the “List files” action and a filter to obtain a list of EasyMorph projects in a specified folder. Then iterate across the list and load each project as XML file using the “Import XML” action.

See the example below - it searches a folder (specified by a parameter) and find all projects with email connectors embedded.

find-project-connectors.morph (4.1 KB)

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Thank you so much.
I found the file!!