EM saving file format issue


When I export to Save as XLSX, it saves and everything looks fine.

When I try import it into another program, it says there is a file format issue - and I see “.xml” test strings are being picked up within the files first few rows.

When I open that file (in Excel), and resave it in the exact same sport, everything works fine.

Also note that this system had been working for over a year before it through up the error - about a month ago from what I can see.


Hi Robert,

The “Export into Excel file” action starting from version 4.3.0 automatically formats columns in the target spreadsheet as dates if they are formatted as dates in EasyMorph. That may be the source of the issue.

Does the “Export into Excel file” which created the file in question have some columns formatted as dates? And which EasyMorph version you are using?

I removed a date column, and it solved it.