EasyMorph server command ignore errors


What does the following option mean ?

Does it mean that when we put serveral EasyMorph Server commands after one another, that if one of them fails (e.g. triggering a task), EasyMorph will continue with the next action?

I need a flow that continues even if one of the taskes triggered fail.

EasyMorph Server tasks can be launched in two modes - synchronous and asynchronous. The checkbox enforces the asynchronous mode (fire & forget).

In the synchronous mode the action waits until the task finishes, and fails if it finished with an error.

In the asynchronous mode, the action doesn’t wait for the task to finish and hence any possible errors are ignored. A workflow with this action in the asynchronous mode continues execution no mater if the called task is still running or not.

Hi Dmitry,

So for example if we trigger 3 tasks sequentially A, B and C, we cannot configure it that if A fails, it can continue with B and then C (sequentially)?
We should use derived tables for that I suppose ?

Would’n it be better If we could run it sequentially but have an option to continue with the following actions when one of tasks triggered failed ?


Hi Nikolaas,

I’m not sure I understand your case. If it doesn’t matter if task A failed or not, why launch B and C after A? Why not launch them simultaneously with A?

If you need to run tasks in parallel, use the asynchronous mode or run tasks in parallel derived tables.