Easymorph folder on the network?

Is it a good idea to put easymorph binaries on a network shared folder in order not to install easymorph on every computer ? It could also make upgrade easier.

Would it be a problem for a lot of users to access one exe in a shared folder ?

Typically, it’s not. EasyMorph is designed for single-user use from the user space. Using the same binary by multiple users may lead to conflicting configurations and exposing user work to each users.

This also explains your other question: How does easymorph know about recent opened projects?

After thought and analyze, i dont understand your answer. I have installed easymorph in the program files folder so everyone can use it when connecting to my workstation. But when i use easymorph, i can also see that configuration files (EasyMorph.config.xml for example) are stored in my own AppData folder, not in the program files folder.

This way of working seems fine to me and i don’t understand how this can lead to exposing user work to others. Can you tell me more precisely what you were thinking about ?

We do not support such configuration and don’t test against it. Therefore we can’t guarantee that when we add or change some features in future versions of EasyMorph it won’t lead to situations when one user can see, for instance, another user’s recent projects or recently accessed data sources or temporary files.

Besides that, EasyMorph is designed for use by users without administrative privileges (that’s why it’s installed into the userspace by default). Such users may have problems launching an application when it’s installed into a system folder like Program Files.

Note that you can install EasyMorph silently by adding /SILENT. E.g.

EasyMorph.Setup.exe /SILENT

or /VERYSILENT (doesn’t show any windows at all).

It can help simplify and automate installation.

I better understand now, thank you