Easymorph database connections through server and not through client

For security reasons, it would be good if all database connections were made through easymorph server :

Easymorph client <=> Easymorph server <=> database. 2 solutions :

  • a new mode where client contact server and nothing else, than server handles connections/queries and contact client to return results. I think there’s something similar in Tableau.

  • Easymorph client embedded in server (HTML5 ?)

Have you ever thought about it ?

Data Catalog will work via Server – when a data catalog item will be requested from Desktop the result dataset will be prepared on Server and then pushed to the Desktop that requested it. But data catalog items can only be configured using parameters, it won’t be possible to provide a query to a data catalog item. At least not in the beginning.

Also Data Catalog will have a Server UI which will make it possible to obtain datasets from Server via browser (similarly to running a task with parameters).