Dynamic Licensing - transfer

I am trying to change the license from one user to another on the server (we only have 3 licenses which are all used, and wish to remove the license from one person and assign it to another). It marks the old user as ‘Quarantined’ and the new user as ‘Oversubscribed’.

How long is the old user ‘Quarantined’ for? Is there a way of deleting it completely so the new user can start using it ASAP?


Hello Mat,

the quarantine mechanism is described in the Server Admin Guide that comes with the Server installer. I’ll cite:

When a license assignment record was deleted or edited, the license that was assigned may be
temporarily quarantined. The purpose of the quarantine is to prevent a simultaneous use of a Dynamic license by two or more users (which would be a violation of the software licensing terms). The duration of the quarantine depends on when the license was last used before it was deleted or re-assigned. If the license was used more than 48 hours ago, then no quarantine enforced at all and the license is immediately released. If it was used less than 48 hours ago, then it’s quarantined until 48 hours since its last use. Quarantine can never last longer than 48 hours. Once the quarantine ends the license returns to the pool of available licenses and can be assigned to another user.

If you urgently need a license for the remaining time of quarantine (which never exceeds 48 hours), please reach out to sales@easymorph.com for a temporary license.

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