Derived tables with names from list parameter

Hello EasyMorph,

I’m new to EasyMorph, so I hope I haven’t been too vague with my question, but here it is:

I have a table (made up of multiple files) and I want to split it up into several other tables (should I derive tables for this?) How can I create multiple split-up tables, and name each table based on entries in a list parameter? I mainly want to know about naming tables from the parameter list, but I appreciate any help!

Hello Connor and welcome to the Community!

For what you want to achieve, you will need to use iterations in EasyMorph (loops). It’s a powerful feature that enables many complex calculations. To learn about iterations see this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Iterations

The article contains 5 example projects with various iterations. The example No.2 shows how to split a big table into several smaller ones based on a list of values. This is very similar to your case.