Define Month for Multiple Modules

Hi All,

Currently I have multiple modules which imports spreadsheets for the latest month (e.g. ‘Sales Data 2022 10.xlsx’, Demand Profile 2022 10.xlsx’, ‘Forecast Oct-2022’)

I’m just wondering if there is any way to create a prompt for me to enter month value, so I don’t have to go in to each import step in every module if I need to run a report for any given month retrospectively (e.g. March-22)?

Appreciate your help.


That’s what parameters are for!

You can have a master module with two parameters, year and month. Then in that master module, use the “Call” action to call other modules and pass the parameters into the other modules. In those modules, have a calculated parameter that calculates the necessary file names using year and month. Use the calculated parameters instead of hardcoded names.

See these tutorial topics:

Hi dgudkov,

Thanks for your reply.

The problem with is that I would like the month and year name to be a user manual input upon a prompt, rather than a set rule (ability to fetch any month, rather than a fixed value such as last month or this month).

I’m unsure if this is achievable with parameters?
Appreciate your help.

Hi Mario,

I probably don’t understand what you would like to do. You can enter parameter values in the master module that I described above, and then run the project. Does it count as prompting for parameters?

Also, if you want the workflow work as a “black box” and just prompt for parameters before running, make it a task in EasyMorph Launcher, and tick the task option “Prompt for parameters on manual task start” (see below).